Records Indexing

Having no major research tasks till my trip to the Red Cross on Tuesday (see post of June 2), I’ve signed up for an online volunteer records indexing project. So far, I’ve indexed 320 names–was assigned 7 pages from the 1870 Ohio census, and one from the Maryland census of that year. They will soon be available for searching at If you’d like to sign up for volunteer indexing, you can find more info at:

If I had the resources, I would index local censuses, but I only have access to them from the library. Personally, I think it’s best to index records from areas you know; that way, in handwritten documents, it’s easier to recognize names because you know what’s common in that locale. Needless to say, I have no idea what surnames were prevalent in rural mid-19th century Ohio, but I know a Maurer, Drumheller or Douty surname when I see one. šŸ™‚

Once I’ve crossed Pottsville off my list, I will call the historical society in Sunbury again (have talked to them a lot this past month regarding various resources). They have a portion of the collection from Thomas Photography, a studio which used to be in Shamokin; it was around since the 1880’s, in the days of Myron Thomas, founder. These days, however, the historical society only has portrait photos post-1925, so I was somewhat discouraged in finding portraits of some of the figures connected with my research; their prime was long before the 20’s. But, I may still find something, and at this point any personal photo is worth the project it takes to find it, so I will contact them again soon.

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