Grand news!!

Was browsing the website for the PA State Library today, thinking it was about time for me to send them a request regarding those Harrisburg papers (see posts under People and Families>Detweiler), and wondering just how long it would take for an answer and what they would say about fees…

Then, I read the page about their newspapers collection. I was stunned, shocked and disbelieving to read that they actually do Inter-Library Loans, free of charge, of their microfilm copies! I had no idea. How could I have missed that?!

I had just been about to go outside for yard cleanup, but needless to say when I read this I had to call the local library immediately. I stood about on the path outside for approximately five minutes, pacing while telling the librarian the dates and locations I was looking for. I mentioned the Harrisburg Patriot, since I’m not sure what newspaper was prevalent there at that time, but I though it might be the Patriot–had to call back later after discovering the State Library’s online card catalog which said that for 1887 they had the Patriot but for 1890 only something called the Daily Morning Patriot and the Evening Star…had to call back a third time one minute ago because actually, they have the Telegraph from 1870-something to 1948, so that sounds like it’s a more complete collection. I was so overwhelmed by the discovery I wasn’t sure what to think, so I had to keep changing the information. They probably think I’m such a pest! 🙂

In any case, I’m sure this will be quite a breakthrough. And furthermore, the State Library has countless newspapers from other areas of Pennsylvania–this discovery will continue to serve me well in the future, I am sure. I was just thinking today that I need something from Reading–long story, trying to trace descendants of Darlington Kulp, grandson of first Darlington and son of MHK’s brother Howard; he was a Baptist minister in Reading at one time though I think he died in Delaware County.

Anyway, I was told it may take some time for the microfilm to arrive; request goes out on Thursday and we won’t hear from them till the Thursday after that at least, plus I was told the request has to go through the Pottsville library as well before it gets to Harrisburg…well, you get the point. Still, I don’t have to go anywhere nor pay a cent. How excellent!

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