What to say

Subject line cannot express my complete, amazed, disbelieving joy…I have just talked with the great-granddaughter of Chester Grant Kulp. Yes, she has documents, photos…and the family Bible. She says she has done family research before, and will be happy to copy some files for me.

This is truly, indescribably amazing. In fact, these will be the first manuscripts I have ever seen. Literal manuscripts. I wonder how old the family Bible is; I didn’t have a chance to ask, I was so overwhelmed. And who knows what else could be found? This will be my first truly personal look into the family’s past. To me, even the old wills on file at the courthouse were personal, but this is something that will yield incalculable insight and detail that I simply never had before. The family Bible…I am in tears of joy!

I simply don’t know what to say. It’s too heavenly to believe!

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