Will of D.R. Kulp

I completed the transcription the other day, and am (finally) getting around to posting! 🙂 Due to extremely bad photocopying, there were a few random words and sentences missing, and in a few cases I had to include my own assumption as to a missing or illegible word. But anyway, here it is:

Will of D.R. Kulp, Deceased

I, Darlington R. Kulp of the Borough of Shamokin in the county of Northumberland and state of Pennsylvania hereby make, publish and declare this my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void [all other] wills by me at any time heretofore made. First I [illegible] that all my final [?] debts and funeral expenses be [(missing)]. Second I give devise and bequeath unto my beloved wife Elizabeth Kulp the three lots of ground [at the] corner of Dewart and Orange Streets on which are erected three Dwelling houses, one Double House on Dewart Street, the Homestead House in which I now reside and one dwelling House on Orange Street occupied by Morris Williams in the said Borough of Shamokin, free from all liens and encumbrances also all household furniture and personal property of every kind in and about my homestead dwelling house, stable buildings therein and connected thereinwith including my driving horses harness carriages and equipment connected therewith, to have and to hold the same unto the said Elizabeth Kulp her heirs and assigns forever their absolute property. Third I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Elizabeth Kulp the sum of Ten [?] [missing] dollars as her absolute property to have and to hold the same unto the said Elizabeth Kulp her [heirs] administrators and assigns forever. Fourth I desire that my hereinafter named Executors shall [convert my] Estate real and personal into money as soon after my decease as they my [sic] deem to the interests and [illegible] of my estate and I hereby authorize and empower them to carry on any business in which I may be [(missing)] at the time of my decease until the same can be profitably wound up and I do hereby authorize and [direct] my hereinafter named Executors to grant bargain, sell and convey all my real estate wheresoever [multiple missing words] public [or] private sale or sales and to make, execute and deliver unto the purchaser or purchasers the [(missing)] [good] and sufficient deed or deeds for the same at such time or times upon such terms as they may deem [illegible] to the advantage of my estate and to sell the same in such portions as they may deem advisable excepting the lots of ground devised to my wife in the second [multiple missing] this my last will and testament and the personal property therein bequeathed unto my wife Elizabeth Kulp [(missing)] when my said estate shall have been converted into money I give and devise and bequeath the [remainder] unto my Eight children share and share alike except as to the share of my son Clayton [multiple missing] devise and bequeath the same unto my hereinafter named Executors in trust that they or the [(missing)] them will [invest] the same in good interest bearing securities keep the same so invested in the interest [?] thereof for the support of my Son Clayton his wife and children for and during [the life of] my said Son Clayton and the life of his wife and the survivor of them and after their death [they] to pay on the principal and all [illegible] interest therein unto his children share and share alike [(missing)] [illegible] of or the expiration of five years from the date of my death my said son shall become of [(missing)] habits and capable of managing his estate in the judgment of my hereinafter named executors [(missing)] pay over [?] unto my said son Clayton the one fourth of his share and should he continue of [illegible] for the term of five years longer and show himself capable of managing they [?] shall [illegible] unto my said son the balance of his share principal and interest as his absolute property [illegible] Sixth In addition to the provisions hereinbefore made for my wife I give and bequeath [unto] her all my life’s [illegible] and the money arising therefrom [several missing sentences]

Yes, that is it for the main part of the will, everything else is about the executors and that was even more illegible! Sorry about the poor transcription; I will go and make replacement copies (someday). 🙂 So little time!

Now, my question is, in a will which mentioned only two specific individuals–why was Clayton one of them, and why was Darlington so apparently concerned about Clayton in particular? He was the second eldest son, born 1861, so he would have been about thirty years old when this will was written, and had been married since the 1880’s I think. Hmm…

The executors, by the way, were his son-in-law Chester B. Thomas (who later disputed the will), and Monroe H. Kulp.

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