Tree moving to GenCircles

As of today, the family tree is now residing at GenCircles (the link on the My Files page will now take you there). The WorldConnect tree is still up, but only as a secondary site.

Sorry for the poor organization of data on GenCircles; I’m using Legacy and it doesn’t import well unto GenCircles which is designed for Family Tree Legends.

2 thoughts on “Tree moving to GenCircles

  1. Kinda wondering why you moved your database. Because of all of Ancestry’s woes these days?
    “”? I have thought about moving mine from Rootsweb, too. Undecided.

  2. Makes sense…Overall, I like Ancestry, too. They certainly have a lot of info. I can’t quite understand some of their management decisions, though. In this day & time, there is a lot of suspicion and distrust in the world. And after the little “incident” with the Internet Biographical Collection, you’d think they’d get the message. Then the “freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry” came along. Still making stupid decisions. Once you lose the trust of your customers, it’s really hard to get it back…
    Have a great day!

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