The Union League Pt. II

Well, the archivist (a very friendly and helpful lady!), says that they do have a few records. Not a great deal, just candidate’s registers–but to me, it’s still something. The registers, she informs me, say that he became a candidate for membership May 14, 1895, proposed by one Ellery P. Ingham, and was admitted November 1, 1897. The archivist said she would photocopy these documents at no charge, so…now we wait! I know it isn’t much, but any bit of information adds to what I know, and any bit of information is therefore very much welcome.

I also tried to call the nearby Masons and Elks people today, but they are not answering their phones. I have decided that on Sunday I am going to call Trinity Episcopal Church again. When I was there at the time of the festival, they explained that I musn’t call on weekdays, no one is around. I thought they’d all be in church on Sunday, not in the office, so I didn’t call then, but whatever. I don’t know what records the church would have other than perhaps a marriage register mentioning MHK and his wife; but then, the fact that I don’t know is precisely why I should call.

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