Pleased with myself!

About two days ago I set myself down at my OpenOffice word processor, gave myself a chapter to work on–and started writing. My book, that is. I’ve been planning all along to publish a preliminary book while my research is still in progress, but just couldn’t get started. This time, I decided it would just have to get done, even if I felt I’d rather surf the web. The exact opening of the book isn’t clear to me yet, so I started at around Chapter III, regarding Sarah McConnell, and the Marsh and Detweiler families.

Two days later, I am working on the third section now, since I am dividing the chapters into separate headings for different topics or events. Several pages written, and they are written very well too if I may say so. I am using a two-column format, since I consider this most professional-looking for history books. Hopefully, when ready for publishing I can just send a PDF file and the publishers will print from that. (I will probably be publishing with the News-Item, since they seem to be doing the publication of most history works lately, and they will likely be willing to publish this biography as well.)

So, although I still haven’t devised a perfect way to organize my digital images and docs (this is on my long to-do list), progress has been made in my research project. I just hope I can stick to this excellent pace! šŸ™‚

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