Back again

I know it’s been horrendously long since I posted here, but you know how stuff comes up. Plus, WordPress updated their software recently and at first I swore I could not use it in a million years. Slow–worse than the previous version, which was deadly slow too!–looks awful on both browsers, has Flash player problems…It was a horror. But, when I logged in today to give it one…more…try…it didn’t look so bad. The Flash seems to be working okay again, at least I think so, and yes it’s slow but bearable. I have also resolved the page appearance difficulties; the new movable “boxes” had to be slowly and painfully dragged to other areas of the page, but thankfully now that they’re there they don’t move back. So, I think I can live with the new software. If not, I have a back-up option at Blogger.

I also plan to self-host this blog soon, which means you will all have to update your links (will post the new site address here once I have one). However, it won’t be right away because the free webhosting service I usually use is having issues. Long, annoying story. They said it would be resolved in January but now they admit they just don’t know when.

At this rate I probably don’t have a great deal of readers here, but for those of you who are reading, I do apologize for the long absence. I will try, try, try to post more regularly here! Thank you all for taking the time to follow this blog!

It’s only February, but I’m already starting to think now and then about the upcoming Heritage Festival, which is in three months, though it seems like only a short while ago I was posting about the 2008 event here on the blog. This year, I’ll try to get more involved in the festival. Visit more places; take more photos. I also still have plans for a trip to Harrisburg. And this spring I may be buying a new computer, so any other difficulties I may have with WordPress will hopefully be taken care of then.

I updated the genealogy database recently; the data is basically the same but the “bug” in the genealogy software has been fixed, so except for some formatting glitches it should look fairly normal now. Later, too, I’m thinking I might add a few more pages to this blog with historical information about some of the families I’m researching. Stay tuned!

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