Local library, museum and more damaged

Shamokin’s American Legion Building on Independence Street houses the Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library, the Anthracite Heritage Museum, the Lower Anthracite Model Railroad Club, and a gymnasium, among other establishments. On Monday, March 9th, however, it seems a floor sink in the gym upstairs was left clogged and the water running for several hours. Needless to say, this didn’t end well.

I first noticed something was going on Monday morning after seeing a crew of fire trucks and the works outside the building, but did not learn much more until the following day when I visited the library. The incident was also briefly mentioned at the city council meeting Monday night, which I attended, but they didn’t go into details. In any case, it appears the rear section of the public library sustained the most water damage. The stairs to the children’s section were still drying on Tuesday, and the upper floor was accessible only by the usually closed staircase in the front of the building. The fiction area was considerably affected, and the newspapers report that hundreds of books were ruined or damaged. The museum, too, lost some items, but details haven’t been published. (I only slap myself for not having visited the museum before. I mentally confused it with the model railroad club and expected to find little of use to my research there.)

When I visited the library Tuesday, the place smelled faintly of damp paper and all the tables on the main floor were covered with books standing on their edges with the pages fanned out and drying. At least, however, the damage was only in the back, and the historical materials and microfilm are nearer the front, untouched. The lights were all of course out in the fiction area, and in the semi-darkness I could see the shelves were covered with plastic sheeting. As I scrolled through the newspapers on the microfilm reader, seeking out an obituary to copy, cameramen from WBRE and–what was it? WNEP?–showed up, with the librarian escorting them around. (I swear I did not know there were going to be cameras when I came in!! Lol. :P) It was all very quiet, however, and I went on with printing the obituary.

These two articles in the News-Item–Library Floods; Shamokin – C.T. Library Reopens After Flood–provide a full account of the incident and aftermath. Fortunately, the librarians say that although the damage is serious, it’s not quite as costly as expected, and many of the books are salvageable. It isn’t known yet whether the clogging of the sink was deliberate, or simply idiotic.

Speaking of quiet, I figure I will also mention the council meeting, since it’s the first I’ve attended. It took place in a large room on the second floor of the Lincoln Street City Hall, and though I won’t go into details, let’s just say it was docile. All the councilmen and councilwomen agreed unanimously on every issue brought forth, and the first order of business was to take a break. But I suppose that’s all a good thing–we don’t argue in this town! However, one important issue that came up was the Knights of Columbus Building on Independence Street. This was a place that was supposed to be erected some months ago after the original K of C building was damaged in a roof leak or something, and part of the ceiling collapsed (don’t really remember when that was). However, the new, unfinished building also collapsed quite suddenly in January when all four walls simply fell into a heap, scattering debris onto the sidewalk. To this day, the sidewalk is still inaccessible. Cleanup hasn’t even been attempted, and it seems the contracting company can’t be communicated with. K of C people say the contractors have 15 days to get moving, but if they don’t, cleanup will still definitely happen within 30 days.

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