Festival season!

Well, it’s that time again–the Anthracite Heritage Festival, May 22-23. Lately I’ve been absent from this blog again, but (hopefully!) you’ll be seeing a lot more of me this month. I won’t forget my camera this time ( 😉 ) so you can expect numerous photos of the festival action, even though they may be a little blurry from my cameraphone’s sheer ineptitude. That’s another thing I should take care of this year!

This blog certainly needs a makeover, too. If you see anything out of whack for a while, that’s why. Mostly I’m changing the introduction page and adding a Profiles section with short biographies, document transcriptions and assorted information on significant individuals I’m researching. There may also be a Photos page with images of local landmarks and some old photos connected with my research.

It’s certainly going to be a busy month, but I’ve been attending the Heritage Festival for almost three years in a row now, and I’m eager to share the excitement, history and local color of this wonderful summer event here in coal region Shamokin. Yes, a busy but memorable month ahead!

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