Heritage Festival begins this afternoon

Well, the time certainly has passed quickly! The 2009 Anthracite Heritage Festival of the Arts officially begins late this afternoon and evening (fireworks, parade, luminaries, etc.). I, however, probably won’t attend until tomorrow–that’s when most of the action gets underway, primarily in the Market Street area. The median will be occupied by a good number of vendors, one street corner will feature the familiar booming bandstand, and around town there will be tours via carriage and motorized trolley of historic districts. Most interestingly, there will also be cemetery tours this year as well, featuring reenactors portraying prominent Shamokinites of days past.

I hope to visit and take photos of as many places as possible, and upon my return, if I have enough photos, I’ll use separate blog posts for each locale. I’ll also be presenting a detailed article about the cemetery tour reenactments, including an in-depth look at how that event is organized, with remarks from the participants themselves.

For a detailed list of the attractions at the 2009 Heritage Festival, check out this News-Item article. The News-Item also delivers a great pitch for the attractions of the festival weekend in “Heritage Festival kicks off today.” A search on the News-Item website will yield additional info.

Finally, I’d like to wish the best of luck to everyone who has made this event possible, and I’m certain the 2009 festival will be a great success!

One thought on “Heritage Festival begins this afternoon

  1. Hi Val,
    The photo stereoview of the east end was taken from Stoney point the large white
    building is Saint Edwards Convent on Webster Street the far right corner is bunker hill
    the church on the left was the early Polish Church before St Stanislaus

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