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After nearly a week, I’m back to the blog. Nothing much is happening; I thought sure the papers from Harrisburg would have come in yesterday, but I called this morning (forgot yesterday was Thursday until it was too late to call), and they said no, not yet. I suppose because the request also has to go through Pottsville. Since ILL deliveries are only Thursday, I’ll have to wait at least one…more…week. How will I get through it?! 🙂

Well, yesterday I visited a small graveyard along the highway; was probably accompanied by a church at one time, now just by a car dealership. I thought I would transcribe the inscriptions and take photos, in case any genealogists out there are interested. There were only a handful of marked graves, however, and only a few of them were legible, but here is what I was able to read:

Isabella E. dau. of ? EATON
Died March 23, 1858
aged 3 y. ?mo. 5[?] d.

Martha S. dau. of John[?] CALDWELL
Died June 4, 1831 [1851?]
aged 2 y. 3mo. 12d.

Ella, dau. of John[?] CALDWELL
Illegible dates

There was one broken headstone; only the dates were intact:

Born 1808
Died July 16[?], 1879

If anyone is interested, I have photos of each headstone as well as a general view of the cemetery; feel free to contact me.

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